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Learn about our commitment to the environment and sustainability


To make our planet a better place to live, we have made a commitment to support environmental protection and social well-being.


We mitigate our environmental footprint by minimising energy, water consumption and waste production. We also commit to enhance the sustainability of the local communities through supporting local NGOs, voluntary services and charitable activities.

Our sustainability performance is benchmarked by an internationally recognised third party authority, EarthCheck™ on annual basis. In June 2015 the Hotel was awarded with the EarthCheck Gold Certification, representing 5 years of continuous commitment.

Eaton, Hong Kong is a non-smoking hotel and has a “no smoking” policy in all guestrooms and corridors. Smoking is permitted outdoors and there is a guest smoking area in the T Garden (L/F).



Public Areas

Green Wall in the Hotel’s lobby ­ The green wall features nearly 4,000 Sansevieria Trifasciata plants also known as “Mother-­in-­Law's Tongue” or “Snake Plants”. In China, the plants are known as huwěilán (虎尾蘭). They provide a natural air filter eliminating the need for energy­sapping mechanical air handling machinery and creating a healthier environment for hotel guests.

Bamboo walling and flooring ­ Bamboo is a sustainable material which can be easily and quickly harvested and re­grown without destroying the plant. Locally harvested bamboo walling and flooring are friendly to the environment as bamboo's resilience requires less refinishing compared with hard wood.

The Hotel also features:
Energy efficient lighting
Heat recovery and cogeneration equipment
Building management system
Automatic sensors for water taps and urinals
Energy efficient vehicles

Guest Rooms

Guests of the Earth Programme
Energy efficient lighting
Low usage / dual flush toilets
Low flow shower fittings
In room recycling bins
Low waste amenity dispensers
Recycled and recyclable PET walling and flooring

Restaurants, Bars and Events

Sustainable food options: 'Greener' choices are provided for both banqueting and in the Hotel’s restaurants. Guests can choose alternative dishes to replace shark's fin soup so that a balance between Chinese tradition and environmental concerns can be achieved. Yagura, our Japanese restaurant, has taken a lead in stopping the sale of blue fin tuna which is endangered due to overfishing. We have also teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund, Hong Kong (WWF) to launch a "Love the Ocean" Sustainable Seafood Wedding Menu featuring only sustainable seafood items.

Green Festive Season: It is our tradition to design and construct the Hotel’s Christmas tree from recyclable materials, such as newspaper, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, cardboard and damaged furniture.

Food Donation: We work with the Foodlink Foundation Limited and Food Angel in Hong Kong to provide surplus food to local charities on a regular basis.